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This Month’s Film: Rice Rhapsody
Cuisine: Singapore

It just so happens that when you Google the title ‘Six Records of a Floating Life’, my book review of it
on is at the top of the heap. So, a couple of months ago, I got this e-mail:

“dear MS Heiter,

“my name is Wei Weihua. i am a Chinese girl and a graduate student from the College of Foreign Studies, Guangxi Normal University. i am now making a comparative study on the two versions of Six Records of a Floating Life by Shen Fu. as you know, Lin Yutang first translated the book in English in 1935. another version avaible is by translated by Pratt Leonard and Chiang Su-Hui,about whom i do not know much. i read your review on their version on the internet. and i am wondering if you know something about the two translators, their personal information or the readers’ comments on their book.i am much obliged for your help. with my best regards,

yours faithfully,

Wei Weihua”

Well…how could I ignore such a charming entreaty. And after exchanging several e-mails with Wei Weihua, in which I learned that does not deliver to China, I decided to order a copy of it myself and send it to her. I have a soft spot when it comes to books, and when I’m in search of one in particular, I will go to the ends of the earth to find it. So I couldn’t help but aid Wei Weihua in her quest.

Apparently my package arrived safely to Wei Weihua’s address in Tianjin, because today, the postman just rang the doorbell with a package from China. In it I discovered two elegant pairs of chopsticks, a bundle of incense, and an English translation of Six Records of a Floating Life that Wei Weihua was able to find in Tianjin. Sweet…

Thank you Wei Weihua for the lovely gift and for your contribution to my growing collection of chopsticks. Best of success with your studies.

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