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This Week’s Film: Kailangan Kita
Cuisine: Philippine

Maybe it’s my Southern roots that make me so fond of fried chicken. After all, my mother made the best fried chicken south of the Mason-Dixon Line. And although I’ve never quite mastered her recipe, I’ve been on a perpetual quest for Asian-style fried chicken ever since I began creating recipes for ChopstickCinema.

To date, I’ve featured Japanese panko-crusted tori katsu and cornstarch-dredged niwatori tatsuta age (pictured), Chinese pepper chicken, Indian tikka tidbits, Vietnamese turmeric-dusted golden chicken nuggets, Hong Kong-style batter-fried chicken, and Jewish chicken schnitzel…All of them crispy-golden and delicious in their own unique way. So this week, I’m going to continue my quest in the Philippines to see what the local cuisine has to offer in the way of fried chicken.

My Philippine fried chicken recipe will be posted at the end of the week along with my Kailangan Kita film review.

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