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Stockholm Syndrome soars to epic heights and a galaxy of gorgeous faces come out to play in this panoramic saga of love and vengeance. Inspired by the Sanskrit tale of Ramayana by the Indian poet Valmiki, Raavanan tells the story of Dev Prakash Subramaniam, a high-ranking police official assigned to apprehend Veeraiya, the notorious criminal overlord who has kidnapped Dev’s wife Ragini. For 128 action-packed minutes, Dev’s relentless pursuit of Veera takes them through some of India’s most scenic locales, as the relationship between Ragini and her smoldering captor veers into uncharted territory.

Raavanan is a brilliant reinterpretation of this ancient myth, made larger-than-life by Tamil director Mani Ratnam. The raw animus of Vikram as Veeriaya, the unctuous-yet-menacing allure of Prithviraj as Dev, and the rapturous beauty of Aishwarya Rai as Ragini create a cast of characters befitting the archetypal deities they portray. Classical storytelling in grand cinematic style.

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